Top Magazines

1. Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India

Fashion scenario in Indian is known for its elegance, cultural heritage, and colourfulness. Indian fashion has evolved over time from ethnic to western, salwar kameez to high-street fashion. Today it is driven by the desires and aspirations of the Millennials. When it comes to Indian weddings it is the pinnacle of fashion display as if every one was waiting for the event to bring out their best. What could be a better way to check out the latest fashion than pick your favorite fashion magazine. We have listed the top 10 fashion magazines in India for any one who wants to get “the look”.

2. Top 10 Education Magazines in India

As a part of the curriculum, Education books are available to all students. In this competitive world it is important to be one step ahead of others, for this you needs to enhance your study source beyond regular books. This is where Education Magazines play an important part. Education magazines not only provide additional inputs on specific subjects but also ensures updated and enhanced insights which regular books can not provide. To make it easy for you we are providing you a list of top 10 Education magazines in India. Go ahead take your pick. This top 10 Education Magazines list include magazines from established publishers like MTG, MM Publications, Career360, ACK Media, EPW and others.

3. Top 10 Kids Magazines in India

Importance of reading habit can not stressed more, specially in today’s world of gadgets. This is so very true for children. While there are many options for children books but magazines provide a regular dose of rich content for reading and engagement. To help you with choosing the best magazine for your child we are listing the Top 10 Kids magazines in India. Besides regular kids magazines it is important for children to read news. The regular news papers may not be suitable for young kids, hence we have included in the list of top 10 magazines for kids, children news papers. These children magazines not only provide interesting stories but engagement activities like quiz, puzzles etc..

4. Top 10 Car and Automotive Magazines in India

Gone are the days when automobile industry in India was limited to few players with car models hardly changing in years. Now every year there are new models and more and more international manufactures are coming to India. Its very difficult to keep pace with the fast changing automotive world. Thankfully we have many car and automotive magazines in India which will help you navigate this complex world. We are listing the top 10 car and automotive magazines in India for your ready reference.

5. Top 10 Business Magazines in India

With government’s target of $5 trillion economy there is action all around. India is changing and becoming the hot bed for new businesses. A list of top 10 business magazines in India is must for any one who is interested in participating in this growth opportunity. Many steps have been taken to improve “the ease of doing business” in India too. The last budget gave huge push to infrastructure spending, health care and agriculture. These top 10 magazines keeps you updated on the evolving business landscape in India and are a must for business leaders.

6. Top 10 Hindi Magazines in India

This list of top 10 Hindi magazines in India include some of the oldest and most popular magazines in India viz. Grihshobha, Sarita, Champak, Satyakatha and Akkad Bakkad. Some of the new ones in this list are Vanitha, India Today, Outlook and iNTELLYJELLY. Hindi being one of the two official languages in India and the fourth most-spoken first language in the world, so there is a huge readership for Hindi magazines. We are sure you will find your favorite Hindi magazine in this list of top 10 Hindi magazines in India.

7. Top 10 Magazines in India

Magazines have being the source of authentic curated content for a long time in India. Generations have cherished going through their favorite magazine month on month. Popular magazine genres include news, current affairs, women’s interest, men’s interest, travel, education, health & fitness and business. We have taken the best from these genres to list the top 10 magazines in India. Some of the most popular names in the list are Reader’s Digest, India Today, Vanitha, Magic Pot, Champak, Vogue and Grihshobha.

8. Top 10 Women Magazines in India

Shortlisting top 10 women magazines in India is no easy task. Women have multiple interests viz. Fashion, cooking, home & decor, child care, health and more. Many Indian publishers have women magazine as a part of their publications. Most of these magazines covers variety of topics of women interest. Some of the top contenders in the top 10 women magazines in India are Vogue. Woman’s Era, Vanitha, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grihshobha and Sarita.

9. Top 5 Architecture Magazines in India

Are you looking for the best architecture magazines in India? These five publications are packed with interesting content that will spark your interest in architecture. You will find engaging pieces about the newest trends in architecture to interviews with famous architects. Read articles from industry professionals, as well as a plethora of innovative ideas to help you with your next project.

10. Top 5 Finance Magazines in India

Finance is at the core of any business. India is taking big strides in making it the preferred destination for business investments. Existing companies are doing good and expanding and new businesses are being set up. Both the finance professionals and individuals see this an an opportunity to participate in this growth. There is a lot information on Internet regarding this, however if one needs authoritative and validated content then magazines are the best source. We have shortlisted top 5 finance magazines for you. These range from finance magazines providing global perspective to others providing knowledge on local businesses. You have magazines exploring opportunities in stock market to personal finance. We are sure you will find this list of top 5 finance magazines in India suitable for your individual topic of interest.

11. Top 5 Health and Fitness Magazines in India

Health is wealth, it surely is. In today’s interconnected world there is no dearth of information on Health and fitness. Be it internet or social media you will find tips on almost any heath related information you may need. The issue is that the source of this information can not be relied upon. You need some one to go through all this available information, check it, validate it and present it in an easy to follow language. That’s what brings us to the top 5 Health and fitness magazines in India.

12. Top 5 men’s fashion magazines in India

Yes, men’s fashion is a big industry now. Millennials today are very particular about their looks and clothing. This true for both male and females. The list of top 10 Men’s fashion magazines includes some of the best magazines from top publishers in India. Brands have also understood this change and are constantly coming out with products which fulfill the desires of the new generation. This list of top 10 Men’s fashion magazines provide you the best source of the current men’s fashion trends, so you don’t have to search any where else.