Frequently asked questions (FAQs) / Help

Delivery and shipment

How soon will I get my first issue?

This can vary between four to six weeks, depending upon the publishing frequency of the magazine and the policy of the publisher.

Why does it take 4 to 6 weeks for getting the first issue of my subscription?

Magazines loose their value with time. A July magazine issue will have little value in say August. So quantity printed is equal to active subscriptions plus estimated requirement from news stands. When you order a subscription, there is nil stock of current issue for new orders, so you have to wait until the next issue goes to press, which is based on publishing frequency, their print cycle and your order date. This process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks and ensures your subscription does not start with an outdated issue.

When will I get my free gift?

Free gifts are sent seperately and don't come with the first issue. Generally the free gifts are shipped by the publishers, between second and fourth month of your subscription activation.

Who will do the shipment of subscription issues?

To ensures prompt and timely delivery during the entire tenure of the subscription, the shipment is directly done by the Seller / Publisher.

My subscribed issue has not arrived / I received damaged issue?

Please contact publisher's customer care for this. You can easily get the customer care contact details from “My Subscription” dashboard, by clicking on the respective subscription's name.

Oh no! I'm transferred again. How to get the address changed of all my subscriptions from different Sellers / Publishers.?

We have made this very simple for you. Just visit your My Subscriptions dashboard and click on Change Address All icon and provide the new address. That’s it, system will take care of the rest.

The system will send Address Change Request email to the respective Sellers / Publishers with a copy to you. You can view your request status on your dashboard. The request status is updated by the Seller / Publisher once the request is executed.

Just in case the you don't get a confirmation, you may directly contact Publisher's customer care. As a ready reference, Publisher's customer care contact details can be accessed from your “My Subscription” dashboard.

How do I change the address of one or few of the active subscription?

The process is same as above. Here you use the bulk actions menu instead and put a check mark against the subscriptions you want the address changed.

What is Free Shipping?

All prices mentioned for all products include free shipping unless specifically mentioned during check out. Under Free Shipping all subscribed issues are delivered free to your door step.

“My Subscription” Dashboard

What is “My Subscriptions” dashboard ?

This is your personal subscription dashboard which provides easy management of all your subscriptions at one place. It provides a simple user friendly interface to perform actions such as Renewals, Address Change Requests and much more.. Follow this link to your My Subscriptions dashboard

I have existing active subscriptions from other vendors. Can I add these to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Absolutely, there are two methods to do this.
a) Use the option at the bottom of the “My Subscriptions” Dashboard to add existing subscriptions
b) When viewing the individual product detail page click on the option to add existing subscriptions. For example follow this link to add Stuff India Magazine to your dashboard

Why should I add my active subscriptions from other vendors to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Actually many reasons for this.
a) Easily manage all your subscriptions at one place.
b) Avail of free renewal reminder service, so you never miss renewing a subscription.
c) Avail of promotional offers from time to time.
d) Hassle free renewal of all your subscriptions with a single click.

Security and confidentiality

I'm providing personal details while transacting on the website. Is it safe and confidential?

Confidentiality of your personal information is a high priority for us at MYSUBS. We follow strict privacy policy and will never rent or disclose your personal information except for the purpose of executing your subscription order.

How do I change my password ?

Simple, follow the link to "change your password and account details" in your My Account area.

I have forgotten / lost my password. What should I do ?

Reset your password by going to “Login” and clicking on Lost password?. An email with the a link to reset the password is sent to your registered email address.


Can I order without registering ?

Absolutely, just choose your magazine/product and place your order

Can I gift a subscription to some one ?

Yes you can, in fact subscriptions make an excellent gift. To help you choose a gift subscriptions use our gift recommendation tool on Gift A Subscription page.

Select “Is this a gift” option during checkout process and provide the gift recipient's shipment address, if it is different than the billing address. Also add your personal message for the gift receipent. This personal message is included in the welcome mail sent to the gift recipient.