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Delivery and shipment

How soon will I get my first issue?

When will I get my free gift?

Who will do the shipment of subscription issues?

My subscribed issue has not arrived / I received damaged issue?

Oh no! I'm transferred again. How to get the address changed of all my subscriptions from different Sellers / Publishers.?

How do I change the address of one or few of the active subscription?

What is Free Shipping?

“My Subscription” Dashboard

What is “My Subscriptions” dashboard ?

I have existing active subscriptions from other vendors. Can I add these to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Why should I add my active subscriptions from other vendors to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Security and confidentiality

I'm providing personal details while transacting on the website. Is it safe and confidential?

How do I change my password ?

I have forgotten / lost my password. What should I do ?


Can I order without registering ?

Can I gift a subscription to some one ?


All magazines are directly shipped by respective publishers to the subscribers, you may experience delays due to the ongoing pandemic & the restrictions put in place by the Government. We at Mysubs continue to serve you. Please feel free to contact us for any queries.