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Delivery and shipment

How soon will I get my first issue?

When will I get my free gift?

Who will do the shipment of subscription issues?

My subscribed issue has not arrived / I received damaged issue?

Oh no! I'm transferred again. How to get the address changed of all my subscriptions from different Sellers / Publishers.?

How do I change the address of one or few of the active subscription?

What is Free Shipping?

“My Subscription” Dashboard

What is “My Subscriptions” dashboard ?

I have existing active subscriptions from other vendors. Can I add these to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Why should I add my active subscriptions from other vendors to “My Subscriptions” dashboard?

Security and confidentiality

I'm providing personal details while transacting on the website. Is it safe and confidential?

How do I change my password ?

I have forgotten / lost my password. What should I do ?


Can I order without registering ?

Can I gift a subscription to some one ?


All magazines are shipped by respective publishers, you may experience delays due to current restrictions put in place by the Government. To assist you with all your queries, our work from home staff will continue to serve you on email support@mysubs.in