Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India

Fashion scenario in Indian is known for its elegance, cultural heritage, and colourfulness. Indian fashion has evolved over time from ethnic to western, salwar kameez to high-street fashion. Today it is driven by the desires and aspirations of the Millennials. When it comes to Indian weddings it is the pinnacle of fashion display as if every one was waiting for the event to bring out their best. What could be a better way to check out the latest fashion than pick your favorite fashion magazine. We have listed the top 10 fashion magazines in India for any one who wants to get “the look”.

1. Vogue India

Vogue India Magazine Subscription

Vogue magazine is the number one fashion and lifestyle magazine in the world. Vogue magazine is often called the “fashion bible”. The key element of Vogue magazine is that it connects culture with fashion. It brings out the latest fashion and lifestyle trends from around the world. Vogue magazine first started as a weekly newspaper but then converted into a monthly subscription magazine. Vogue magazine has set new standards for fashion photography and journalism. A Vogue subscription India helps you get in touch with the latest fashion trends from around the world. A Vogue magazine India gives different views of famous fashionistas and fashion designers on the different fashion and lifestyle trends going around at that time. A Vogue subscription India will allow you to explore new fashion trends and may help you decide what might look good on you and what might not. So a monthly Vogue magazine India issue will let you analyse the latest happenings in the world of fashion. A Vogue subscription India will assist you to have a different take on fashion. Vogue magazine India also helps to spread many important social messages and also encourages women empowerment and is not afraid of making bold statements. Vogue magazine subscription India has various interviews of celebrities and thus will help to have a closer look at the life of your favourite celebrity and the fashion trend that they follow, a lot of celebrities also see it as a good social platform for them to send out a message in the society as it has a readership of about 1.2 million. Not only celebrities but also famous athletes and many more people are also featured. Vogue magazine subscription India breaks down the latest fashion and lifestyle trends such that the common man can use these trends in their daily lives. With a Vogue magazine subscription, you will not have to go to the news stand every month as it will be delivered to your door step. A Vogue magazine subscription will ensure that you have the latest edition of Vogue magazine India. As Vogue India is a monthly magazine, thus having a Vogue magazine subscription will give you 12 issues a year, which also includes the special additions. So, order your Vogue subscription today and get ready to have a different take on fashion.

2. ELLE India

ELLE India Magazine Subscription

THE ELLE DNA ELLE inspires readers to develop a personal style. ELLE informs readers with content that is intelligent and entertaining. ELLE stands for the best of all things: From luxury to high street buys, red-carpet glamour to casual chic and contemporary to classic style. ELLE has 43 international editions, 6.3 million copies and 21 million readers

3. GQ India

GQ India Magazine Subscription

What a man's got to do: Look Sharp. Live Smart. Right now. Download the latest issue of GQ India in full, featuring the best in Style, Cars, Gadgets, Babes and The Good Life. Enjoy all our in-depth articles and great photo shoots, instantly delivered in stunning high resolution. Perfect for traveling or while-u-wait.

4. Hair

Hair Magazine Subscription

HAIR, UKs biggest-selling hair magazine is published in India by Spenta Multimedia under an exclusive licensing arrangement with Vitality Publishing, UK. The Indian edition is the only specialist magazine dedicated to hair and beauty for the consumer as well as the professional. Be it hair care, styles and trends or beauty industry news, views and reviews, HAIR has it all. HAIR, a monthly magazine, has a print run of 65,000 copies.

5. Woman’s Era

Woman's Era Magazine Subscription

Woman's Era is a fortnightly women interest magazine published in English in India. It was started in 1973[1][2] by Vishwanath under his publishing house, the Delhi Press. The magazine is owned by the Delhi Press.[1] Divesh Nath has been the managing editor of the magazine since 2002. Woman's Era covers topics like: fashion, cookery, poems, movie and book review, health, beauty, travel and technology. It is the second most popular women's magazine after Femina, with an All India Index of 80 as surveyed by the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)

6. MW (Mans World)

MW (Mans World) Magazine Subscription

MW (Mans World) is India’s first men’s luxury lifestyle magazine. It has been the lively, vibrant and authoritative voice of the globalised urban Indian male for more than a decade. Its coverage reflects the energy and verve of the new and successful India. MW stands out for quality writing, depth of content and sumptuous photography, backed by elegant design & production. Whatever Indian men are looking for these days -- clothes, cars, gizmos, electronics, books, movies, wines, music, fitness, relationship, adventure, travel-- MW provides them with much needed information and advice to help lead life to the fullest.

7. The Man

The Man Magazine Subscription

The luxury magazine for the discerning male, THE MAN brings the latest tips and fashion mantras to the men who love to steal the show wherever they go. Highlights: * Exclusive interviews with top celebrities * Articles on luxury and lifestyle and more.

8. Shoes & Accessories

Shoes & Accessories Magazine Subscription

Shoes & Accessories magazine aims to play an important role in shaping this dynamic market through its in-depth trend forecasting, news, reportage, research, industry thoughts and be an indispensable publication on the evolving footwear and accessory industry. As a market authority for finding your way around the Footwear & Accessory Market of India, Images S & A aims at shaping the design, manufacturing, marketing and retailing areas of this growing market. For designers and manufacturers, the publication will continuously present new concepts, designs, materials and innovation for constant betterment. For the brands, retailers and marketing experts of this industry, Images S & A will update these key professionals on business information, consumer behaviour, market studies, industry reports and trade events that ultimately help create a better retailing environment at large. For the fashion conscious consumers, the publication aims to provide information on trends and trend-setting products covering all categories in shoes, bags and fashion accessories including leather products, costume jewellery and other add-ons.

9. Sarita

Sarita Magazine Subscription

Sarita, for more than 6 decades, has been refreshing the minds and moods of millions of its readers. It appeals to an urban and socially conscious intelligentsia. Sarita carries a distinctive mix of articles on subjects ranging from politics, society, economy, travel, health, fiction, poetry, life and entertainment. Its deeply introspective articles invite its readers to delve into the softer issues of life, relationship, family and personal development, and prepare themselves for a modern, progressive lifestyle. Sarita's stories always make a delightful read. Humour and satire remain an integral part of Sarita. No edition of Sarita is complete without its refreshing cartoon strips and satirical illustrations.

10. Grihshobha Hindi

Grihshobha Hindi Magazine Subscription

Grihashobha is the leading women’s magazine in India that is published by Delhi Press. Published in 8 languages, Grihashobha is an engaging compendium of articles on home-making, fashion, beauty, cookery, health and stories on relationships. It is one of the most widely read women’s magazines in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati and Kannada. It seeks to be a preferred choice among Women magazine readers in Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu and Bengali. As women’s magazines go, Grihashobha is the go-to source of information for its readers for practical and useful tips on personal care, beauty, fashion, cookery, and home making. Furthermore, Grihashobha has always had a strong mix of articles that touch upon the socio-cultural issues that are society faces. Therefore beyond personal care, fashion, and relationships, the magazine seeks to develop a socially and culturally active and informed citizen, who is socially conscious and wants to prepare herself to make the right choices.