Top 5 Finance Magazines in India

Finance is at the core of any business. India is taking big strides in making it the preferred destination for business investments. Existing companies are doing good and expanding and new businesses are being set up. Both the finance professionals and individuals see this an an opportunity to participate in this growth. There is a lot information on Internet regarding this, however if one needs authoritative and validated content then magazines are the best source. We have shortlisted top 5 finance magazines for you. These range from finance magazines providing global perspective to others providing knowledge on local businesses. You have magazines exploring opportunities in stock market to personal finance. We are sure you will find this list of top 5 finance magazines in India suitable for your individual topic of interest.

1. The Economist

The Economist Magazine Subscription

The economist is a London based magazine which is a part of The Economist Group and has a weekly readership of six million people worldwide. The economist magazine focuses on the political and the business aspects and links the two together. The economist magazine subscription is one of the best magazine subscription for those who are interested in the business and politics field. The economist magazine subscription in general is one of the most preferred magazine subscriptions for business. The economist magazine subscription gives an overview or an analysis of the business and political industry. The economist magazine subscription is also famous for its annual forecast of the upcoming year and along with it gives the annual pocket world in figures. The economist magazine believes in plain language, a language that a common man can easily understand, the articles are therefore in a conversational manner, which in turn makes it easier for the people to understand. The articles in the economist magazine are authentic and factual. These articles in the economist magazine subscription are not signed as they believe that what is written is more important than who writes it. The economist magazine subscription has seen huge growth in the recent years. In these years the economist magazine has added sections devoted to Europe, Asia, Latin America and international issues. science and technology along with an expanded coverage of books and arts are also covered in certain sections of the economist magazine subscription and has also introduced a new column on financial markets. In general, the economist magazine subscription gives a total over view of the general international news and talks about the political developments and prospects bearing on the world’s economy.

2. Capital Market

Capital Market Magazine Subscription

India's foremost and largest circulated fortnightly finance and investment magazine since 1986. The magazine was a pioneer in rating IPOs on a 100-point scale. It also provide India's first Corporate Scoreboard of more than 2000 companies with 25 fields of information for each company and updated on a fortnightly basis. Stock Watch: A list of around 50 fundamentally strong companies identified by Capital Market analysts. The list is constantly reviewed and updated, adding scrips with upward potential and removing those that have exhausted their run. Today, Capital Market has evolved into a complete investment and financial magazine, which covers the entire gamut of issues affecting the Stock Markets. Topical issues, policy decisions by government, regulations by SEBI or market developments - are analysed in depth in the Cover Story. Other contents include special research features based on our in-house database on companies and mutual funds and interviews with market players and company CEOs Capital Market Magazine is full of information about the financial market. It covers all aspects of investments, banking and trading. it understands the market trends and how the future financial times are shaping up. it gives in-depth information about the capital market and the companies in the market and what the various companies are offering. It also observes different companies and brands and studies how their financial status is and how they are growing. Capital market magazine is full of expert information and advice. It contains very informative interviews that help individuals make better decisions and understand the market closely. The Capital Market magazine also contains insights on business and finance that help experts understand and study trends. The financial market is always fluctuating and a magazine like this helps us chart the directions of the movements.

3. Dalal Street Investment Journal

Dalal Street Investment Journal Magazine Subscription

Dalal street investment journal (DSIJ) is India’s No 1 equity research and capital investment Journal in today’s date. Dalal street investment journal (DSIJ) is among the first magazine to give information and knowledge on stock investment. A dalal street investment journal subscription (DSIJ subscription) gives the required data and information for an individual to make a good investment choice. Dalal street investment journal is published every fortnight in order to appease the needs of the reader investor. dalal street investment journal is chosen by readers not just because its popular but also because its trust worthy. Dalal street investment journal subscription (DSIJ subscription) focuses on stock market research and recommendations, capital market analysis, personal finance investment advice and also analysis of various economic activities in the country along with its impact on the Indian share market. Having a dalal street investment journal subscription will help to make good decisions as to where to invest as it great amount of information to help you make that decision, it also gives a review on the Indian share market in respect to the various economic activities. At first there were very few people who used to invest in the stock market as they were the only ones who had the current and correct knowledge and data about stock investment but now with dalal street investment journal subscription everyone can have access to this data thus more and more people can invest in the stock market. Dalal street investment journal subscription (DSIJ subscription) breaks down the latest happenings in the stock and investment market such that the common man can understand and also analysis that how it may affect their daily lives. With a dalal street investment journal subscription, you will not have to go to the news stand every week as it will be delivered to your door step. A dalal street investment journal subscription will ensure that you have the latest edition of dalal street investment journal which also includes the special additions. Order your dala street investment journal subscription today and get ready to make great0 investments.

4. Outlook Money

Outlook Money Magazine Subscription

Outlook Money has relentlessly worked as your money manager, helping you invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly. The Outlook Money magazine has been advising its readers on finance, investing, real estate, smart savings, insurance, health care, travel, besides buying and maintaining cars. Through our stories we attempt to give you specific, actionable tips that you can use to make your money grow. It is these efforts of 16 years that has helped us grow from being India’s first personal finance magazine to India’s No. 1 personal finance magazine.

5. Business Today

Business Today Magazine Subscription

BUSINESS TODAY, is the largest-circulated business fortnightly in India. It is the best report of the business topography of the newly liberalised India. As the wave of change sweeps business, economy and society like never before, BUSINESS TODAY has ensured that its readers have all the necessary upgrades to challenge tomorrow. It takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of the world of business. Ever since its inception in 1992, it has set one benchmark after another in business reporting. It was the first to do serious reporting on management theories. And then again, it is the first to bring a whole new genre of business journalism more upclose and more incisive. Today, BUSINESS TODAY commands the highest circulation and readership among all business magazines in India.