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The Journal of Social Archaeology promotes interdisciplinary research focused on social approaches in archaeology, opening up new debates and areas of … Read More

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About Journal of Social Archaeology

The Journal of Social Archaeology promotes interdisciplinary research focused on social approaches in archaeology, opening up new debates and areas of exploration. It engages with and contributes to theoretical developments from other related disciplines such as feminism, queer theory, postcolonialism, social geography, literary theory, politics, anthropology, cognitive studies and behavioural science. It is explicitly global in outlook with temporal parameters from prehistory to recent periods. As well as promoting innovative social interpretations of the past, it also encourages an exploration of contemporary politics and heritage issues.InterdisciplinaryThe editorial board is drawn from archaeology and the social sciences and submissions should reflect that interdisciplinary engagement. Established scholars from a variety of fields are asked to comment on submissions where relevant, bringing archaeology to a wider forum in the process. The journal also engages with contemporary perspectives on antiquity, linking past and present, the local and the global.Broad-ranging topicsThe journal covers a full range of social archaeology in independent and themed issues. Relevant topics include social life; identity issues such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class; the body; material culture; landscape; time; aesthetics; sociopolitics; postcolonialism; representation; mortuary analysis; ritual; household studies, and social memory. "JSA is the only journal which provides world-wide coverage of the current theoretical and political issues facing archaeology making it central to debates about the current importance of the past.” Chris Gosden, University of Oxford, UK"Theoretical archaeology has emerged as a new and exciting topic in the discipline during the last fifteen years. The Journal of Social Archaeology promises to further discussions of the interconnections between the practice of archaeology and the diverse bodies of social theory on which its practitioners draw." Thomas C Patterson, University of California at Riverside, USA 

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