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Revitalizing global cultural studiesInternational Journal of Cultural Studies is a leading venue for scholarship committed to rethinking cultural prac … Read More

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About International Journal of Cultural Studies

Revitalizing global cultural studiesInternational Journal of Cultural Studies is a leading venue for scholarship committed to rethinking cultural practices, processes, texts and infrastructures beyond traditional national frameworks and regional biases. Established to revitalize cultural studies against the dangers of parochialism and intellectual ossification, the journal interrogates what culture means, and what culture does, across global and local scales of power and action, diverse technologies and forms of mediation, and multiple dimensions of performance, experience and identity. International Journal of Cultural Studies provides a critical space for theoretical and methodological innovation in global cultural research.__ "From first people's internet to Hong Kong's creative industries, no finer explorers of sweaty nightclubs and cultural policy guide us through the jungles of contemporary culture than the contributors to IJCS" – Sean Cubitt, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK__ "IJCS is the place to be when you want to participate in important academic debates on media and culture; it's the international arena of intellectual exchange you cannot afford to miss" – José van Dijck, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands__ "Drawing on the very finest work by scholars around the globe, IJCS lives up to its billing as the most international journal in the field of cultural studies" – Michael Curtin, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA__ “IJCS captures the forefront of advanced critical cultural research, marked by a commitment to transnational inquiry. It is characterized by robust intellectual curiosity, not the usual, dry, and predictable theoretical maneuvers” – John Nguyet Erni, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China __ "The IJCS has remained a valuable, interesting, and engaging journal over its career - never boring, never patronising, always keen to open its pages to the new idea and the new researcher" – Graeme Turner, University of Queensland, AustraliaAll issues of International Journal of Cultural Studies are available to browse .

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