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Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services has been a core journal in social work research for nearly 100 years. Stewarded by th … Read More

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About Families in Society Journal

Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services has been a core journal in social work research for nearly 100 years. Stewarded by the , Families in Society has an enduring focus on the art, science, and practice of social work, with specific emphasis on individuals and families and their communities. , a pioneer in the field and the founder of social casework, began the journal in 1920 to build a knowledge base for the first systematized approaches to the practice of social work. Over the years, the journal has had four titles:The Family (1920-1946)The Journal of Social Casework (1947-1949)Social Casework (1950-1989)Families in Society (1990 to present) Families in Society covers the latest research findings, practice and theory advances, and policy review related to the complex challenges to everyday living that must be addressed via a person- and family-in-environment approach to well-being, opportunity, and adaptive systems change. The interdisciplinary readership of the journal represents social services, health care and behavioral/mental health, education, workforce development, housing, and many other allied fields.The translational research of the journal prioritizes a knowledge-into-practice approach to learning and engagement, and readers can routinely interact with scholars and their peers via online and in-person presentations, professional development projects, and social media. This emphasis thus supports the social change impact the Alliance is working toward to benefit America’s families and their neighborhoods.100 Years of Editorial Leadership Year Editor-in-Chief 1920 Mary E. Richmond and Helen P. Kempton 1921–1925 David H. Holbrook 1926–1939 Margaret E. Rich 1940–1942 Maurine Boise LaBarre 1943–1947 Florence Hollis 1948–1950 Cora Kasius 1951 Mildred Frank 1952–1964 Cora Kasius 1965–1969 Elinor P. Zaki 1970–1977 Margaret M. Mangold 1978–1981 Jacqueline M. Atkins 1982–1986 Robert Elfers 1987–1997 Ralph Burant 1998–2000 Howard Goldstein 2001–2011 William E. Powell 2012–2014 Susan E. Mason 2015–2020 Sondra J. FogelAbout Alliance for Strong Families and Communities:Rooted in the historic cause of advancing equity for all people, the Alliance is a strategic action network of thousands of committed social sector leaders with a common vision to achieve a healthy and equitable society. The Alliance aggregates the very best sector knowledge and serves as an incubator for learning and innovation to generate new solutions to the toughest social problems. It accelerates change through dynamic leadership development and collective actions to ensure that policies and systems provide equal access and opportunity for health and well-being, educational success, economic opportunity, and safety and security. As it works to expand the impact of its national network, the Alliance also pursues an agenda of systemic reform. It advances policy recommendations at the national and state levels, and strategically mobilizes its network to influence the systems and sectors that can together ensure that all people have the opportunity to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.Visit for more information.

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