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Case Folio - The IUP Journal of Management Case Studies, a quarterly refereed publication, focuses on thought-provoking case studies covering different aspects of management. Case Folio is a useful reference for all executives, managers, practitioners, faculty members, and students. The journal is in publication since January 2002. Focus Areas Industry Management Corporate Marketing Human Resources Operations Corporate Finance E-Business Governance and Ethics

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In a rapidly transforming economic and business environment, fast-paced innovations and new ideas are redefining the existing business variables giving birth to new ways of doing business. The new paradigms are accelerated by the emergence of the knowledge-driven economy. Consequently the power of information and the ability to synergize it has emerged as the key to success. To survive and thrive in today’s dynamic environment, executives and professionals need to continuously acquire emerging knowledge and skills. The IUP Publications brings out a portfolio of publications to make the much-needed knowledge available to its readers. By making them a staple diet, readers can build competitive edge in their fields of specialization. These publications are designed to cater to the needs of executives, managers, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, advocates, academia and students. The portfolio of publications consists of 27 journals in the niche areas of management, finance, economics, science & technology and arts & humanities, containing cutting edge research papers in various domain areas and inter-disciplinary topics, interviews, case studies and book reviews.


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