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About xBhp Magazine

The xBhp (Extra Braking Horse Power) Magazine is one of the finest motorcycle touring and lifestyle magazine in the world. It is published out of New Delhi, India and is run by hardcore motorcyclists. xBhp platform also has India's largest motorcycling web portal and community. The magazine has seeded and promoted the philosophy of "i, the Biker", which means we put the biker before the bike. We also have very high photography standards, and almost no content is syndicated from any other source except our core editorial team and the thousands of xBhp members across India. xBhp also does national and international roadtrips on superbikes and only works with premium brands.

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Publisher Profile - xBhp Automedia

xBhp : The Nation of Bikers, by Bikers, for Bikers xBhp is India’s largest & most popular motorcycling platform since 2002! Below we take a ride on the highway of history of xBhp since it was conceived. Please take a moment to appreciate what xBhp has done for the motorcycling fraternity of India so far.


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