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Founded by the legendary Jann Wenner four decades ago in San Francisco, Rolling Stone is not just th … Read More

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About Rolling Stone Magazine

Founded by the legendary Jann Wenner four decades ago in San Francisco, Rolling Stone is not just the world’s greatest music magazine but also a global cultural icon. Published in 17 countries, it is the pop culture reference point for more than 12 million young adults around the world, who come to the magazine every month for the same reasons as a previous generation: to be informed, to be inspired, to form an opinion, to develop an attitude and, of course, to Rock & Roll. Rolling Stone’s sphere of influence reaches across music, entertainment, movies, television, fashion, technology and national affairs. Rolling Stone covers everything that’s important, trendsetting, and newsworthy to the thought leaders among young adults. Rolling Stone is among the best known brands among the young around the world. Rolling Stone India was launched in 2008 as the 14th international edition of Rolling Stone. In its approach, content and style the magazine follows the same philosophy as the other international editions. Within no time it has grown to become India’s most popular music magazine. Month after month its content reflect the growing popularity of rock&roll across the country. Apart from keeping its growing readership abreast of what is happening in the international world of music, Rolling Stone India has taken upon itself the role of providing Indian musicians a legitimate platform to project their music to an expanding audience. The Indian music scene is burgeoning, and Rolling Stone India can take some credit for it.

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MW.Com is a premier media company renowned for producing the highest quality content, the company’s portfolio includes some of the most famous titles: MW (Mans world), Rolling Stone


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