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OYLA is a monthly scientific magazine designed for children and students as well as their parents. The focus and content of the magazine are based on … Read More

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About OYLA Magazine

OYLA is a monthly scientific magazine designed for children and students as well as their parents. The focus and content of the magazine are based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts. The main distinctive feature of OYLA Youth Science magazine is that we explain complex subjects in simple words along with informative graphics which makes it easier for young readers. We want our children to know history, many languages, understand mathematics and physics, conduct chemical experiments and love all the diverse forms of life on Earth. Reading OYLA, you will learn about the amazing discoveries, the principles of the device of the universe, about the tasks over which the best minds of man were fighting. Our authors also write about how things are arranged that you face everyday.

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i-manager Publications was initiated to be the knowledge mirror of the technological advancements around the globe. i-manager Publications stands out in the competitive marketplace because of the quality standards and innovative offerings to its readers. Apart from international quality articles and research papers, our Journals also portray a wide range of other features such as Book reviews, Case studies, Educational resources and Conferences which caters to the academic community at large. i-manager Publications has created a valuable database of international authors and peer reviewers for all its Journals, and production of each issue goes through lot of stringent measures to ensure very high quality to the readers.

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2 reviews for OYLA

  1. Pancy

    Truly a Surprise package, we ordered a three month Subscription from MYSUBS , we where truly surprised to see the quality of the content and the way it was placed, I should appreciate the team behind it , it has been very useful for my Children

  2. Pooja

    Very informative and interesting magazine. My child Ved enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to subscribing to it for the year.

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