OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ)

OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ) Omniscience attempts to bring-out primarily, rich r … Read More

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About OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ)

OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ) Omniscience attempts to bring-out primarily, rich research and review papers embodying the concepts that fall under the scope of the definition of omniscience, i.e. being universal in nature knowing everything unlimited knowledge. The Journal seeks to encompass the well sought- after domains of Science and Spirituality. The Journal's scope covers : •Arts and Humanities •Language and Communication •Music, Theatre, Dance •Painting and Fine Arts •Education and Psychology •Natural Sciences •Theology (study of religious beliefs and truth) •Philosophy •Moral, Principles, Values and Ethics The audience or clientele for this journal comprises of not only scientists or research scholars, but also those who believe in a bond/relationship between ‘Science Art Spirituality humanities’, and all those areas related with the scope of the journal.

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