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This summer, Child Friendly News Magazine is pleased to bring to you two contests.

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About Child Friendly News Magazine (CFN)

Child Friendly News or CFN has been in the business of publishing 'News that makes sense to kids' since 2011. The digital edition of the newspaper packs a punch, with our trademark mix of news, features, articles on technology, and nature as well as deep dives into current topics. The fortnightly paper is an 8 page news paper packed with content. It has been designed for easy readability on laptops, desktops and phones, with larger fonts, more illustrations and interactive elements. There are 20 issues in a year. Here are some of the elements you can look forward to in the paper. • The paper is packed with regional, national and world news relevant to children • In addition to the fortnightly paper, subscribers will receive an email news update on alternate (non-publishing) weeks. This way, you will get a slice of CFN content each week • Quizzes and reinforcement activities are being built into stories in each issue. While some will run side-by-side with the feature, others will be hosted online contests. Details of winners will be published in the paper • To leverage the digital platform, several features also incorporate links to curated content. This will enhance the understanding of a topic/issue • On Page 3, we have ‘My Space’ which features young achievers among our readers. • The favourite of our readers - 'Owlie's Fun Page' - is packed with must-do puzzles. Happy reading!

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Publisher Profile - Child Friendly News

Welcome to India’s most comprehensive parenting publication! We have for you excerpts from ParentEdge, our bi-monthly parenting magazine, resources for parents, activities for children and a variety of blog posts. What’s more, we have interesting offerings for your children too- check out CFN, our fortnightly children’s newspaper and Peekaboo, thematic activity books for pre-schoolers. We will also bring you deals on products for you and your family right here, in association with our partners. So, sit back, relax, and have a fun browsing time.


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