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About Journal of Transcultural Nursing

Explore the Influence of Culture on Nursing Practice and the Delivery of Health Care...Dedicated to the advancement of culturally competent and culturally congruent health care, the Journal of Transcultural Nursing discusses important topics that affect nursing and health care clinical practice, research, education, and theory development.Discover How Culture and Health Care InterrelateThis dynamic and sometimes controversial publication offers practical information about how to deal with diverse cultures on issues that may affect nursing and health care, such as: Birth, including prenatal care, pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum care Rites of passage rituals Definitions of illness Family roles and responsibilities for ill clients Withdrawal of treatment decisions Death and dying Medication and home remedies/treatments Nutrition and diet Reactions to mental illness Symptom management Racially abusive clients Caring for the older adultManaging culturally diverse work forces Culturally appropriate communication, diagnoses, interventions and standards of careThe Journal of Transcultural Nursing also offers nurses, educators, researchers, and practitioners theoretical approaches and current research findings that have direct implications for the delivery of culturally congruent health care and for the preparation of health care professionals who will provide that care.A Comprehensive ApproachThe Journal of Transcultural Nursing includes intriguing and critical articles on Research, including both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, evaluation, and validity and reliability issues Theory Development, including conceptual models and theories currently used to guide culturally congruent health care. Education, including pedagogy, tools for increasing cultural awareness, integrating transcultural nursing concepts into the academic curricula and staff development programs, and teaching culturally diverse nursing students. Clinical Practice, including practical applications of research findings to clinical practice, such as adapting end-of-life care to the needs of specific ethnic populations, developing a hospital-based website with culture-specific information for both staff and patients, and culture assessment tools. International Department, including collaborative international research models, international consultation, and government and non-government health policy formation Information Resources, including methods of accessing information concerning transcultural nursing or health care will be the major emphasis of this department. Articles regarding library searches, web page listings, internet resources, computer software packages and topics on informatics related to the journal’s subject matter are encouraged. In addition, book reviews, critiques of videotapes or educational materials, annotated bibliographies and similar brief reports are welcomed.The Journal of Transcultural Nursing is at the forefront of promoting the creation of standards for transcultural nursing practice, professional competency, and clinical practices. It also keeps you in touch with the Journal of Transcultural Nursing Society's news and events.

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